Our garden mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment with comprehensive services for Georgia youth and young adults ages 6-20 who are under served . We want to help teens who have no other placement or family resources to transition successfully into independence and self-sufficiency.

There are currently 42,936 under served youth living in South Fulton County Georgia according to United Way of Greater Atlanta. The Community/Memorial Garden, also known as The "BeLieve" Courtyard, is a service learning project established to provide education for horticulture, cultivating plants, vegetables and herbs as well as operating a farming business. The garden will also serve as a healing and tranquil space to remember and honor students and families impacted by violence.
The project will represent a platform for the students to learn about the business of farming, provide opportunities to earn income and become financially independent. It will also help to raise awareness to violence and bullying affecting the youth in the community.
Long-Term Impact
Through education and empowerment of 50 youth, students will be equipped with knowledge to operate a farming business while understanding the benefits of organic gardening leading to healthier eating habits. The community and students will be made aware of how the impact of violence and bullying has negatively affected families. This awareness will help to reduce crime in the community.

We appreciate our sponsors, volunteers, partners, supporters and positive contributors to our youth. We could not do this without you!


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